Williamsburg Community Day 3D Projection Show

On July 3rd 2021, The Colonial Williamsburg Public Hospital Building was the canvas for a presentation of projected light and sound highlighting six community hero’s who went above and beyond to serve the City of Williamsburg during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Identity Production Studios was tasked with creating an original piece of work that would honor six community heroes in a big way. No, not movie screen big…building façade big! For the first time ever The City of Williamsburg wanted to bring 3D projection mapping into the community. 3D projection mapping is a highly technical process that allows images to be projected onto a small or large 3D surface. In this case the surface or “Movie Screen” was the Colonial Williamsburg Public Hospital building façade. The project moved extremely quickly and required an immense amount of planning, coordination, and technical knowledge.




Alex Szymczak, Lucy Whitehurst

Doug Pons, Dr. Katherine Rowe, Cliff Fleet, Ciera Fenske, Chef Justin Addison, Corinne Picataggi, Eletha Davis, Cortney Will, Karen Stone