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Our Process



Making any film is hard work. It requires a professional team of production personnel that know how to plan, operate equipment and execute production decisions all in a moments notice. Pre-Production is where films begin to take shape. Pre-Production lays the groundwork needed to execute principle photography and post-production processes efficiently and effectively.


Principal Photography

Consistency is key. Ensuring proper image and sound quality, color, recording format, data redundancy and scheduling is crucial on set. Every frame needs to meet a high standard of quality without exception. Everything from lighting and cinematography to sound engineering and mixing come together in this stage establishing the look and feel of the film.



Post-Production is the last step before the big screen. This becomes the final stage where the film takes its final shape. Footage ingestion, cutting, sound re-mixing, mastering, color correction, graphics implementation, formatting, and rendering all become major processes in this final stage.


Final Delivery

Finish strong! We are committed to delivering a clean, professional, final product to our clients in the correct versions and or formats needed. Trust is a big part of our core values. We understand the final product doesn’t just represent you, it represents us as well.