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Live Events

Television & Live Broadcast Solutions

We provide solutions for clients who are needing a complete solution to stream, broadcast or go live to tape (LTT) for broadcast later down the production pipeline. Many of these productions are fast-paced with stringent broadcast standards that must be met to ensure quality delivery.


Iacon Pictures provides professional broadcast services for concert halls, fashion shows, art galleries, and other special multimedia events. We can provide 4K resolution production in a multi-camera environment ensuring your content is up to today’s broadcast and live steaming standards. Reliability and performance in both a production crew and equipment are essential to the success of any live event. Iacon Pictures makes no compromises in these areas.

Iacon Pictures also offers SFX services for many live event productions. From high density fog effects to intelligent beams we can transform any stage into an elegant and exciting environment for your audience. Much of our go-to equipment comes from High-End Systems, Elation Lighting , and ETC due to their industry proven reliability and performance.