Guard Your Heart. Always.

Fall On Me is Iacon Pictures’ first original short film produced in New York State. Written and Directed by Isaac F. Davis, Fall On Me explores the blissful and terrifying moments of a relationship between a young couple who are fighting against the unbearable seclusion of loneliness. The story explores what an individual might experience both internally and externally when fate has deemed their newfound relationship incompatible.



The tangled union of a young couple charting their compatibility with one another, both fighting against the unbearable urge of not wanting to be alone.


Atticus and Ava are two young adults living in New York City who met each other through a dating app. Both find their youth has led to an unbearable urge of not wanting to be alone. Their first “date” was a success leading both into a closer bond that has lasted 4 months.


But now, a decision must be made. Sensing something is still afoot with Ava, Atticus is still willing to open his heart and make the relationship official. Conversations in bed ensue, adventures through New York City enlighten, and reflections of the mind and soul reveal the truth about coming to grips with fundamentally broken people whom fate has deemed incompatible.

Directors Note

This story originates from a place that is deeply personal for me. Relationships are complex, fulfilling, and painful experiences. Trying to navigate the fulfillment and frustration love can bring into our lives in a world saturated with social media, a culture of consumption, and violence is increasingly difficult.


The unique perspectives explored in Fall On Me come from the characters of Atticus and Ava focusing on both their individualism within their own minds. Towards the end of the film, we enter into a space called the “void.” A place where the individual is able to hear and respond to thoughts generated within the self, free of judgment. I’ve found that in every relationship we all have a voice that speaks to us about our feelings, emotions, and expectations. Sometimes we suppress this voice. Other times we listen to it and act upon its conviction. Confronting the inner self while trying to make decisions about who we give our hearts to is at the core of what it means to be human. Fall On Me is a film that will give people a different perspective into why it can be so addicting to make relationships work. This story is the journey of two people who are sacrificing more than they should, for the sake of filling their internal void of being alone.


We all want to be loved. It’s who we love and how compatible our individuality is that either makes or breaks the relationship. This film argues that no matter how much we love the other person if that person is not on the same level of maturity both mentally and physically, both are opening their hearts to potential irreparable damage. There is a cost associated with pushing a relationship fate has deemed unfeasible. No matter how much we want to satisfy our loneliness, sometimes it’s in our best interest to let go and be unashamed. In the words from an old friend of mine he always advised me to, “Guard your heart…always.” – Isaac F. Davis (Writer & Director)

Press Kit

Key Cast

Francis Edemobi
Ashley Fuller

Writer & Director

Isaac F. Davis is an African American New York-based writer and director best known for his immersive and emotional style of filmmaking. At just 9 years old Isaac became inspired by the DreamWorks 1998 animated film, The Prince of Egypt. Coming from a religious family, Davis grew up knowing the story of Exodus. After seeing that story come to life on a little Sony tube television in Chicago, Illinois, Davis was inspired by the power of the motion picture.


Davis went on to attend The College of William & Mary where he began to grow his skill set as a business owner and film director. Isaac traveled to New York in 2017 to work briefly under legendary Key Grip, Richard Guinness Jr. on the set of USA Network’s Mr. Robot (Writer & Director Sam Esmail) where he fell in love both with New York and even more in love with filmmaking.


After returning, Isaac wrote and directed three short films, among other works, during his sophomore and junior year of college at William & Mary. Davis decided it was time to put his newly gained knowledge to the test. After recruiting a production crew of nearly fifteen students on the college campus, Davis produced the award-winning short film Solo Orange in 2018. The film went on to win multiple festival awards including best student short film at the New York Cinematography Awards in 2019.

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R.G. Grip. Co., Inc.