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About Us

  1. Our Genesis

    Identity Production Studios (IDPS) established itself as a motion picture production company in 2011. Founded by Isaac F. Davis who was only finishing middle school at the time. IDPS started with a humble group of young teenagers who had a passion and curiosity for moving pictures. This passion and curiosity lead them to grow and take an unexpected journey.

  2. Ground Zero

    Identity Production Studios’ very first film collaboration was with 4th Seed Productions on the short film “Where Are They Walking.” Shot in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the film highlighted powerful stories from disadvantaged women throughout the country.

  3. Pushing The Envelope

    In 2017 IDPS produced a short film in collaboration with Short Film Initiative titled “Untied”. Directed by Hassaan Abdus-Saboor the film was IDPS’ first studio produced project with responsibilities ranging from pre-production and principle photography to post-production and distribution.

  4. A New Identity

    On January 17, 2018 Isaac Davis Production Studios officially became Identity Production Studios LLC. The company took a major step in defining the brand and developing new standards for motion picture production.

  5. Solo Orange

    Solo Orange is Identity Production Studios’ first in-house short film that premiered twice and won four film festival awards from New York to New Mexico. Solo Orange challenged IDPS both technically, creatively, and financially in major ways. Dedicated to people who suffer from anxiety and depression, Solo Orange reflects our mission of uniting people through motion pictures.

  6. The Mission Continues

    Since our origin, Identity Production Studios continued to push an advance its service offerings to people who wanted to express their stories in an authentic way. IDPS continued to grow and diversity its dedicated production team.


    On January 1, 2022 Identity Production Studios officially became IACON PICTURES.


Years Of Credibility

Our Code

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”